CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 1st English Chapter 3 – One Little Kitten

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English

Chapter 3 – Poem

One Little Kitten

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 3 One Little Kitten Is  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solutions Which Chapter 3 One Little Kitten .

Q1: New words

cat fat rat sad ten


Cat: A small animal related to tigers and lions and that is often kept as a pet

Example sentences:

1)Cats always run after Rat.

2) My cat loves to drink milk.

Fat: Having a lot of extra flesh on the body Example sentences:

1) My uncle looks fat in a swimsuit.

2) Why do you keep calling him fat?

Rat: A small animal similar to a mouse Example sentences:

1) There is a rat in the storeroom.

2) The little kitten was chasing a rat.

Sad: Feeling of unhappiness

Example sentences:

1) My uncle’s illness made me sad.

2) Rahul was sad because he lost his pencil.

Ten: A number that comes after nine and before eleven

Example sentences:

1) I have ten notebooks.

2) Ten is my lucky number.

Q2: How many kinds of creatures are there in the poem? Are the seals happy?


There are fifteen kinds of creatures in the poem. No, the seals are not happy. They are sad

Q3. Where do the fish live?

What are the other things found in water?

There are many creatures in the poem. Which ones have you seen?

Tell us about when you feel – Sad , Happy , Brave, Nervous


Fish live in water. So, we can find fish in aquar iums and water bodies like pond and oceans.

We can find pebbles, plants and other water animals in water.

I have seen kittens, cats, butterflies, rats, fish, lizards, bees, elephants and donkeys

1)Sad: I feel sad when I am not able to play with my friends.

2) Happy: I feel happy when I get chocolates.

3) Brave: I feel brave when I ride a horse.

4) Nervous: I feel nervous during my exams.

Q4 . Look at the pictures of the animals given below



Am he if is in
it me my no of
dog fat let met not
one pig Red Run sad
try two was Wet you



Students are advised to practice this on their own.

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