CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 1st English Chapter 8 – A Little Turtle

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NCERT Solution for Class 1 English

Chapter 8 – Poem

A Little Turtle

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 8  Is A Little Turtle .  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solution For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solution Which Chapter 8      A Little Turtle

Q1: New words Carry Crawl Tired Turtle

Answer: Carry: To take from one place to another

Example sentences:

1) You should carry your own school bag.

2) Carry a pen with you.

Crawl: To move slowly

Example sentences:

1) Small insects crawl on the floor.

2) You crawl when you are sleepy.

Tired: A state when one needs rest

Example sentences:

1) I am tired of studying.

2) She was already tired.

Turtle: An animal that has a hard shell on its body and walks slowly

Example sentences:

1) My friend has kept a turtle as a pet.

2) I saw a turtle hiding under my bed.

Q2: How does a turtle walk?

What does the turtle carry on its back?

Where does the turtle go when it is tired?


A turtle walks slowly. The turtle carries its house on its back.

The turtle goes to bed when it is tired.

Q3: What is the turtle’s house called? What other reasons can you give for a turtle going into its house?


A turtle lives in its shell. So, its house is called a ‘shell’.

According to me, the turtle would go into its house to eat food and to hide from its friends.

These are sample answers. Students are advised to write the answers based on their own experiences and observations.



Students are advised to practice this on their own.

Q5: Imagine you are a turtle. Crawl like a turtle.

Now you are tired so get into your shell and go to sleep.

Wake up and start to crawl again.

Now hide in your shell because some naughty children are near you.

Colour both the turtles


This is an activity that has to be performed by the students. The students may colour the picture using the colours of their choice.

Q6: A, B, C, D, E, F

Answer: A, B, C, D, E, F

Join the dotted lines to form the given alphabets.

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