CBSE NCERT Solution for Class 1st English Chapter 10 – Flying Man

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NCERT Solution for Class 1 English

Chapter 10 – Poem

Flying Man

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 10 Is Flying Man.  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solution For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solution Which Chapter 10 Flying Man

Q1: New words

flying high man mountains sea take


Flying: To move through air with wings

Example sentences:

1) the bird was flying high in the sky.

2) I was flying in my dreams.

High: Greater than usual in amount, number or degree

Example sentences:

1) they were travelling at a high speed.

2) The apple tree was 15 feet high.

Man: An adult male human being

Example sentences:

1) a man came at my house.

2) I saw a tall man with big black eyes. Mountains: A rocky earth surface that is higher than a hill

Example sentences:

1) I can see mountains from my classroom.

2) She lives in the mountains.

Sea: A large body of salt water

Example sentences:

1) the sea is blue in color.

2) We cannot drink the sea water.

Take: To carry, move or lead

Example sentences:

1) Please take your book from the table.

2) Take this bottle to your father.

Q2: Where does the Flying-man go?

What does the child want to do?


The flying man goes over the mountains and over the sea.

The child wants to fly away with the flying-man.

Q3: Can you guess who the Flying-man is?

Choose your answer.


According to me, the Flyingman is Superman. He always helps people in need. He is very powerful and can fly at a high speed. He always wears a superman suit.

Q4: Have you seen an aeroplane?


Yes, I have seen an aeroplane.

(a) (i) During daytime, I will see birds and clouds in the sky.

(ii) At night, I will see stars and moon from the aeroplane.

iii) I will see passengers and air-hostesses inside the aeroplane


• Which word in the box sounds like ‘high’?

• Which word rhymes with ‘me’?


The word ‘why’ sounds like ‘high’.

The word ‘knee’ rhymes with ‘me’.

Q6: What shall I be when I grow up? Match the following:


Q7: Join the dotted lines to form the given alphabets.


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