CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 1st English Chapter 1 – Three Little Pigs

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English

English Chapter 1

Three Little Pigs

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 1  Is Three Little Pigs  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solution For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solution Which Chapter 1 Three Little Pigs .

Q1: Let’s learn some new words.

And bad big but not one pig the was


And: Used to talk about two or more things

Example sentences:

1. I will play with Radha and Karan.

2. I like to drink milk and juice.

Bad: Not good

Example sentences:

1. It is bad to talk in the class.

2. Try to keep away from bad habits.

Big: Very large or huge in size Example sentences:

1. My house is very big in size.

2. I want a big toy on my birthday.

But: Used to join two different thoughts Example sentences:

1. I slipped but nobody helped me.

2. His house was big but untidy.

Not: Used to form negatives

Example sentences:

1. I did not have lunch today.

2. Param is not going to be there.

One: A number that comes after zero and before two / A single thing.

Example sentences:

1. I want one packet of chips.

2. There is only one chocolate in the bag.

Pig: An animal that is pink or brown in colour and stays in dirty areas

Example sentences:

1. Look at that pig over there.

2. That pig is very dirty.

The: Used to talk about a special thing or to refer to a person/thing already mentioned Example sentences:

1.The man standing over there is very thin.

2. I like the dog in the picture.

Was: Verb used to talk about something that has already happened Example sentences:

1. I was reading a book.

2. I was swimming in the pool yesterday.

Q2: How many pigs were there?

What did the big wolf say to the pigs?


There were 3 little pigs.

The big wolf used to say, “I will huff, and puff and I will blow your house down” to the pigs.

Q3: Was the wolf good or bad?

What is your house made of?


According to me, the wolf was bad. He scared the pigs and blew away the houses of Sonu and Monu. My house is made of bricks and painted red and brown. The windows of my house are made of glass.

Q4: Let’s answer the below.

Who is good?

Who is bad?


The pig is good.

The wolf is bad.

Q5: Join the dots from 1 to 10 to make the house. Then colour the picture.


Q6: There are farm animals, water animals and jungle anim als in this picture. Help the animals reach their homes. Draw lines. Buffalo, bear, horse, hen, dog, crocodile, frog, cow, rhinoceros, monkey, giraffe Farm, Water Jungle .





Hen- Farm




Monkey- Jungle



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