CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 1st English Chapter 2 – After a Bath

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English

Chapter 2 – Poem

After a Bath

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 2  Is After a Bath.  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solution For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solution Which Chapter 2 After a Bath

Q1: Lets learn few new words.

Dog , How ,Met ,Try , Two


Dog: An animal that barks and is often kept as a pet

Example sentences:

1. This is my pet dog Rex.

2. That dog is very big in size.

How: A word used to ask a question

Example sentences:

1. How are you today?

2. How many hours are there in a day?

Met: Past tense of ‘meet’

Example sentences:

1. I met my friend yesterday.

2. He met the family doctor on Monday.

Try: To do something with some effort Example sentences:

1. I will try to finish my homework.

2. I try to play the piano every day.

Two: The number that comes after one and before three

Example sentences:

1. I have two legs.

2. There are two eggs in the bag.

Q2: Do you like to have a bath? Say why.

Can you bathe yourself?

How do you dry yourself?

Have you seen an animal drying itself?


Yes, I like to take bath because it keeps me clean and healthy. Yes, I can take bath by myself. I dry myself with a soft towel. Yes, I have seen a dog drying itself.

Q3: Put an around what you do after a bath?

Throw the wet towel on the floor.

Hang the wet towel to dry.

Circle the correct picture



Q4: Do you wear these things? Draw lines from the picture to the word .

Answer: Yes, I wear these things when I go somewhere.

Q5. Match the following to make pairs. One has been done for you.


Q6. Trace the path to the flowers.


Q7. Trace over the waves and color the fish.

Answer: Try to trace the remaining waves.

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