CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 1st English Chapter 4 – Once I Saw a Little Bird

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NCERT Solution for Class 1

English Chapter 4 – Poem

Once I Saw a Little Bird

CBSE NCERT Solutions For Class 1st English Chapter 4  Is Once I Saw a Little Bird  The Part Of CBSE NCERT Solution For Class 1st English . Here We Are Given NCERT Class 1st English Solution Which Chapter 4 Three Little Pigs .

Q1: New words Bird Hop Stop Tail Window


Bird: A type of animal that has wings, beak and feathers and can fly

Example sentences:
1) I want to keep a bird as a pet.
2) That bird is very beautiful.

Hop: To jump over

Example sentences:

1) I like to hop in the rain


2) I will hop over this stone.

Stop: To bring to an end

Example sentences:

1) The bus will stop now.
2) I will not stopspeaking.

Tail: The part of an animal’s body that extends from the animal’s back end

Example sentences:

1) The tail of a squirrel is very soft.
2) Elephant has a very small tail.

Window: An opening in a wall where glass is put so that people can see outside

Example sentences:
1) Please open the window.
2) There is no window in my room.

Q2: What did the child see? What was the little bird doing?


The child saw a little bird. The little bird came hopping to the window and then shook his tail and flew away.

Q3: Do you see any birds around your school or your house? Have you tried talking to them?

Ans wer:

Yes, I see many birds around my school and house every day. Yesterday, I saw some pigeons.

Yes, I tried talking to a bird two days ago. But, it did not talk to me.

These are sample answers. The students are advised to write the answers based on their experiences or observations.

Q4: Join the letters from a to z. own


Q5: colour the stars.


Q6: Say these words aloud and talk about the picture. Then tick the right colour


The roof is pink / blue. pink

The walls are yellow / red

The windows are . yellow green / brown.

The door is blue / grey. blue

The dustbin is pink / green. pink

The planet are green/orange. green

The floor are gray/ brown. Gray

Before putting ticks on the right colours, the students are advised to say th then say what they see in the picture blue / e given words aloud and

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